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Where Will Email Marketing Be 1 Year from Now?

As new marketing tactics continue to spring up, email marketing still stands out as a powerful tool to engage your audience. But what does the future hold for email marketing? If you’re considering getting started, it’s good to be aware of expected upcoming trends, and where email marketing could be in just 1 year from now!

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An image with a lady typing on her laptop, demonstrating where email marketing could be 1 year from now.

Where Will Email Marketing Be 1 Year from Now?

More Personalization

One of the reasons email marketing works so well is that it provides the personal touch. You can customize and segment so that you’re sending just the right content, to just the right people on your list.

In the future, complete personalization will be the norm. You’ll need to do more than just include subscribers’ names in your messages. You’ll have to provide them with a fully tailored experience to keep them engaged and tuned in.

AI Automation

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will make major strides over the next year. This means more automation for your email marketing – without losing the personal touch.

One advancement people predict for the near future is more effortless A/B testing. Right now, A/B testing takes a lot of time. Through trial and error, you can discover what works (and what doesn’t) in each element of your campaign. New AI technologies will use a vast body of data to refine your email marketing, without all the time-consuming testing.

Focus on Customer Lifetime Value

Over the last few years, the focus has shifted from short-term gain to long-term value. This trend is only expected to continue as more experts see online marketing as a long game.

What this means is that you’ll spend more effort building relationships with customer rather than quick sales. This will result in customer loyalty over the long-term and more purchase value down the road. It’s increasingly easier to earn more from existing customers than it is to fight with competitors over new leads.

Smarter Design

Today, fewer people pore over their email inbox sitting at a computer. Some people don’t use a PC at all. If you want to thrive over the next year, your email marketing needs to be designed for smartphones and other mobile devices. This includes how you format your messages and things like push notifications.

Interactive Messages

Traditionally, email marketing messages consist of static text with images. There’s nothing for the recipient to do, except read and click on links. While this has served businesses well, the future of email marketing will involve more interactivity, with messages that function almost like mini-websites. This trend could start to take off over the next year.

What kind of interactivity might the future hold? Messages might include small videos or interactive calls to action. Or, they might contain a sample of a product or service the person can use within the email or allow the user to generate their own content.

It’s tough to predict future trends with certainty, but one thing that’s for sure is that email marketing is here to stay.

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