July 7

What Is a Customer Challenge?

Do you want to enhance and grow your business while engaging and widening your customer base? Maybe you’re looking to build your brand, or perhaps your business goal is to boost your reputation as an authority in your field? Sometimes improving the bottom line, your financial viability and profits, is your primary desired result.

In all of those cases and others, a customer challenge can deliver the outcome you’re looking for.

As far as a hard definition, a customer challenge is very different from a simple contest. Contests are usually short lived, and don’t drive engagement with your business. A client or prospective customer fills out an email form in the hopes of winning a prize of some kind. You may have a random draw contest, or a contest with a qualification process.

In those examples, your client is not invested mentally or emotionally in your business. They hope they win a prize or they may even look more favorably upon your company for hosting a contest, but that is where the intersection between your prospect’s interests and yours ends.

A Challenge Is Different From a Contest

Challenges urge your prospects and current clients to push themselves towards achieving some goal. It may be to lose a certain amount of weight in a specified period of time. Or the goal could be to research, build, and launch an online business in 30 days. You might even run a challenge to help people finally write a book. What makes challenges different from contests is the level of continued engagement that exists between you and the participants.

For yourself, your main focus in creating and launching a challenge should be to accomplish something in your business – grow your Facebook group, sell a course, increasing your following, etc. Attach your desired result to something that will help your customers solve a big problem or achieve an important result in their lives and you’ll both win.

By helping people in your market succeed in some important way, often for the first time ever, you build a connection with your business that can turn your challenge participants into lifelong clients.

Which one appeals to you for your business? Would you like to know more about holding client challenges? Join me for a 5-day challenge where I will give you everything you need to get started on your own challenge! You can register here for the next challenge, Create a Successful and Engaging Client Challenge!


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