July 13

What does a Growth Mindset Look Like?

As a coach, you are in the business of helping other people. Your business relies on guiding your clients to achieve the results they are looking for in life. But what about you? What happens when you have a setback or are stuck in a rut? Developing a growth mindset is fundamental to business success. Last week we talked about what it means to have a fixed mindset. Now, let’s address a Growth Mindset.

What Is a Growth Mindset?

A growth mindset is a belief that even though you may not have certain qualities, you can develop them through learning and practice. If you have a growth mindset, you might say things like, “If I practice my writing skills, I can get better at creating novels.” Or you might say, “I can learn to quilt if I take a class about it.”

The beauty of a growth mindset is that it gives you freedom. You’re free to try new things, experiment, and study the results. With a growth mindset, the outcome of a situation doesn’t become your identity.

How Can You Lean into a Growth Mindset?

Developing a growth mindset doesn’t mean that you have to do something radical like sell all of your possessions and move halfway across the world. Having a growth mindset is more about staying open to new experiences and new people.

It can be as simple as a willingness to try a hip hop dance class at your local gym, change your comfortable routines, and seek out new relationships with people who are different from you. How can we apply this mindset to your coaching business?

What If You Surprised Yourself?

A growth mindset stems from the root of self-love and self-belief.

Challenges help you grow. So, what if you wrote that first blog post or created that first live video for social media. What if you had the confidence in your business to share your experience with that potential new client that is looking for the confidence to ask for a raise or change her relationship?

A growth mindset is a wonderful way to go through life. It means embracing the unknown and being willing to take risks, even when it feels a little bit scary (and fun!).

To Your Success,
Coach Cheryl


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