December 7

What Are You Truly Fired-Up to Focus On?

There may be several areas of your life or business that you’d like to improve by setting goals. You know that you’d feel happy when you completed them. But what are you truly fired-up to focus on? What’s the one goal that you really want to accomplish? What’s the one that fills you with excitement and makes your heartbeat fast as you dream of the possibilities?

You want to pursue goals that excite you because you’ll be more motivated to achieve them. When you encounter roadblocks, you’ll be more likely to find a way to overcome them. Passion is the fuel that will drive you forward and enable you to keep going when things are tough.

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People looking at the success of their business and wondering what they're truly fired-up to focus on for the new year.

What one thing, if completed, would be the tipping point for everything else you want to do? What are you fired-up to focus on in your business for 2023?

You can transform your life or business by pursing a single goal. Think about the weight loss transformations you see in magazines or the inspirational stories of employees who built their dream business while working full-time. It all started with a single goal that changed the direction of their lives. 

Why are you fired-up to focus on this goal?

Once you know what your goal is and you feel passionate about it, you need to dig deep to discover why this goal matters to you. This is important because you have to know what’s motivating you. On the bad days when you encounter setbacks, your motivation will have to be powerful enough to give you the strength to keep going.

Your motivation doesn’t have to be about you. For example, if you’re an obese parent, maybe you’re afraid that you won’t live to see your child graduate high school unless you change how you eat. In this case, your motivation is your child. So, when you’ve had a horrible day and want to do emotional eating, you think of your child in his or her graduation gown.

What’s the first step?

Now that you know what you want, it can be helpful to make a list. You should write down all the ways your life will benefit when you’ve achieved your goal. This list can help you stay motivated and give you the courage to keep going after your dream.

While you may not realize it right now, setting and achieving one goal that’s important to you should be the start of your brand-new life. It will transform you into a different person, one that’s more confident and happier than before.

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