Close gaps and master your business with VIP Days!

Exclusive VIP sessions so you receive laser-focused attention on closing specific gaps in YOUR business!

Hey Coach!! I’m so grateful that you’re here!!

  • Are you looking for some hands-on support with a particular business process or coaching technique?
  • Would you be soaring in your coaching business, if you didn’t have that ONE specific skill-set gap that is holding you back?
  • If you could spend one afternoon with structured attention on your roadblocks, and walk away obstacle free, would you be interested?

VIP Days are perfect for anyone who needs hands-on support with a particular business process or coaching technique. These 4-5 hour sessions are scheduled throughout the year and will help you fill any skill set gaps that we have identified that are holding you back.

When I say VIP, I mean VIP.  

These exclusive and intimate sessions are only open to a maximum of three students at a time, so you get my laser-focused attention on your business.

Are you ready to tear down the obstacles that are holding you back?!

During VIP days, you’ll learn how to address specific gaps in your business skills or coaching techniques.

Past VIP day topics have included:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Overcoming mindset problems
  • Establishing business goals
  • Creating structured action plans to meet your business goals
  • Overcoming obstacles in your business
  • Creating your signature speech
  • Creating your signature program
  • Business systems and automation

Have these common business challenges prevented you from making an impact in your coaching business?

Check out some amazing feedback from one of my students!

“This program was extremely helpful with helping me with the mechanics of how to set up my business! From the charts and resources, to the social media info and how to set up my own sales funnel, everything was absolutely priceless!”

Pranati Battaile

Mindset Expert, Certified Life & Leadership Coach

Stop letting gaps in your business prevent you from becoming the coach you are meant to be!!

Take an afternoon, shatter those roadblocks, and get back on the path inspire others and make a massive impact in the world while growing successful, sustainable, and profitable businesses.

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