August 10

Use Time-Sensitive Subjects, Trends, and Holidays to Create Major Buzz

Use time-sensitive subjects. Once you’ve established the type of content you’ll be focusing on, it’s time to look at the upcoming month and forge the right plan.

In particular, you’ll want to look at time-specific events, trends, and other elements that can make your content timely and stand out.

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Use Time-Sensitive Subjects, Trends, and Holidays to Create Major Buzz

timing | Use Time-Sensitive Subjects, Trends, and Holidays to Create Major Buzz

Why Month-Specific Content Matters

A man His right hand drew a pencil on a digital tablet | Why Month-Specific Content Matters

Evergreen content is always great, but at least some of your social media content needs to be related to relevant events to reach a broad audience.

Furthermore, month-specific content helps complement the content themes you’ve worked on in the previous lesson.

Planning out your social media calendar demands a holistic approach, and content relevant to the time of year is an essential ingredient.


US 4th of july | Holidays

National holidays are perhaps the clearest case where you can combine date-specific events with your social media content, so plan accordingly.

Also, take note of international holidays, which have become more well-known over the years. Holiday-related promotions are a great way to add a bit of easy-to-remember time pressure.

Fun Holidays

World Chocolate Day | fun holiday

In recent years, a growing number of fun and quirky holidays have swept across social media.

World Chocolate Day, as an example, offers you a fun way to add some sense-stimulating content to your social media calendar.

As a solopreneur, you probably know the importance of self-care, so use your experience to show how your offerings can help potential clients better balance their lives.

Time-Sensitive Industry Events and Conferences

conference | Industry Events and Conferences

Industry events allow people in nearly all fields to gather together (virtually now) and exchange ideas in a fun environment. In addition, the news from these events and conferences will shape their fields for the following year and beyond.

Please review which events are coming up next month and ensure your social media calendar incorporates them.

Current Events

 election poll | Current Events

Is there a national election coming up? Have some fun by hosting polls or other content on your social media feed. Is a new superhero movie set to come out?

Encourage your followers to be heroes in the real world while explaining how you can help.

Fill in your social media calendar with the most obvious holidays and events you want to incorporate, then fill out those ideas by doing a Google search for “social media holiday calendar [plus the current year].” You’ll find thousands of ideas but don’t let this become a distraction!

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