November 18

Set up your Group Coaching Sessions for Success!

Earlier this month we talked about how to make sure your Group Coaching is set up for success.  Today I wanted to focus on how to make the most out of your live group coaching calls while getting the maximum attendance.   

Because most groups offer recordings this can become an issue.  If you’ve been in a group before you probably have experienced what it feels like when people don’t show up.  It is disruptive to the group and changes the energy.  

Live calls are a powerful tool for coaches to motivate and inspire breakthrough change. Calls tap into the energy of a group, provide instant feedback, and build confidence.  

Live group calls also have the added benefit of reducing your workload – you’ll spend less time creating pre-recorded or written content and more time tackling clients’ issues.  


But regular attendance is essential. If numbers start to dwindle, momentum is lost and this may discourage remaining members from showing up.  

So, how you do you ensure group coaching members consistently attend live sessions? 

  • Don’t overload them 

Keep live calls to once per week. This way, members remain engaged but not overwhelmed. 

  • Send reminders 

Send an email one week in advance, on the morning of the live call, and one hour before going live. 

  • Find a time of day that works for the most people 

If you are dealing with multiple time zones, find a sweet spot for everybody. 

  • Create a reason to come back 

In the final minutes of a call, provide a teaser for the next session. 

  • Special guests 

Bring in a guest expert whose message will appeal to the group.  

  • Don’t provide a recording of the meetings:  

The fear of missing out is strong. If group members don’t have access to recordings, this creates an incentive to attend in person. (Plus, recording group coaching calls can make members uncomfortable, and hinder sharing).  This is something you can explore with the group as well. 

Remember: Clear communications, consistency, and creativity will keep group members coming back to your live calls!  

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