You’ve probably heard all your life that you should never give up. You’ve listened to parents, teachers and coaches throughout the years as they’ve encouraged you not to quit and to go after what you want until you get it. While it’s good to be persistent and reaching a goal takes follow-through, this all or nothing type of advice is not always accurate or helpful.  Sometimes we are no longer aligned with goals we have set for ourselves for various reasons, and continuing to pursue them can have lots of negative results. 

Be Flexible

First, it’s important to go into setting resolutions with a flexible mindset. Know that there’s a chance you may find that now is not best the best time for a particular goal but maybe three months from now will be. Our lives and our needs evolve. So should our resolutions. Sometimes we may even choose the wrong goal. This could happen due to peer pressure, misaligned expectations or simply due to poor timing. Knowing that goals can be changed will allow you to revise them when needed.

Review and Assess

Next, remember to review your resolution and goals regularly, especially if something doesn’t feel right. We all hit rough spots and they can be hard but if a goal starts to feel like it doesn’t fit your lifestyle or interests anymore, or it’s not the right place to focus your attention then it’s time assess.  If something feels off take some time to review your why’s and make sure you’re still on the right path.  You can also schedule periodic check-ins to be sure you’re on track and to look at whether something needs to be tweaked. 

Make Some Revisions

These tweaks can make a huge difference in your level of satisfaction and motivation. If your goal is to write a book and  you’ve established a realistic timeline for completing each step, that’s a great start. But maybe during your check-in you find that you’re actually ahead of your timeline. If you find yourself way ahead, this may mean you could add some material or expand on something you felt you didn’t have time for or allow time for more research.  If you find you’ve fallen behind  then you can brainstorm ways to bring your goal back on track. You may find that you want to revise that goal a bit or change it completely.  It will empower you to achieve more if you admit that a goal or resolution is no longer serving you versus trying to force one that is not aligned with your vision for yourself.