Empowered Coaches Mastermind: Inspiration and Impact

Next level development for rising coaches looking for a peer group on their journey to inspire others and make a massive impact in the world while growing successful, sustainable, and profitable businesses.

Now I want you to do something for me:

  • Imagine being part of a group of like-minded individuals that are super committed to personal and professional growth, just like you!
  • Imagine being part of a group that is working towards the goal of creating inspiration and impact through their businesses, just like you!
  • Imagine the power of being a part of something bigger than yourself!
  • Imagine how much better your journey will look when you have the camaraderie and collaboration from a group of other rising coaches!
  • Imagine what your life will look like a year from now, after you have taken action, gained confidence, made an impact, increased your income, and mastered your business!

Can you picture it?!

Now, what if I told you that all of that was possible, through:

Empowered Coaches Mastermind: Inspiration and Impact!

Would you be ready to commit to your success?

Here is what you will get in Inspiration and Impact Mastermind:


  • Mentoring, inspiration, accountability, support, feedback, focus, brainstorming, confidence, creativity, collaboration, and community.
  • The opportunity to give to your peers.
  • 60-90 minute Zoom calls twice a month.
  • Access to hands-on training to uplevel your skills.
  • Hot seat coaching to get you through roadblocks as they occur.
  • Inspiration and education from expert guest speakers.
  • An exclusive, safe space with a private Facebook group
  • FREE Bonus: Successful coaches resource center which is full of resources, tools, templates, and worksheets for you to use in your business. Valued at $250
  • FREE Bonus: 60 -minute strategy session with me. Valued at $350
  • FREE Bonus: 1 Admission ticket to the 2020 Mastermind Retreat Event (Travel and Accommodation Expenses Not Included).


Investment: $100.00 Deposit to hold your seat PLUS:

Full Pay –  $2100.00 ($264.00 Savings)

Monthly Pay: $197.00 for 12 months 

Do you believe in the statement that those who invest in themselves go further?

The Empowered Coaches Mastermind: Inspiration and Impact is open to coaches who are ready to commit to themselves and their businesses while joining a powerhouse group of like-minded coaches.

I genuinely care about you and the success of your business. It is inspiring and humbling to help coaches like you find your voice so you can refine and share your gifts with others.

I am SO committed to your success that I’ll give you the first month of content, on me!!

Although there is a one-year commitment to join the Mastermind, if you’re not happy after the first month, you can reach out to me to cancel your commitment for a full refund.

Come on, Coach, I’ve made it easy for you. Are you ready to take your coaching business seriously so you can create the inspiration and impact you desire?

Here is some insight from one of my former Mastermind students:

“I recommend Coach Cheryl to you – the new coach, the coach wanting to expand their outreach, the person wanting to move forward in their business. Being part of the Successful Coaches Mastermind with Coach Cheryl has opened my mind to new opportunities. Thanks, Coach C for inspiring me to dare to be me, to expand my reach and to use my voice boldly to influence the lives of women to embrace hope in their wonderful story.”

Kathy Burrus

PCC, Master Coach, Speaker, Writer, Green Hope Coaching

Are you going to dare to be you and help your peers do the same?

Are you going to commit to action, gain confidence, make an impact, increase your income, and master your business!

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