Coaches : Are You Prepared to Take Your Business to the Next Level?

Do you struggle with knowing what you need to start or elevate the business side of your coaching business?

Does the idea of putting together a Marketing plan tend to overwhelm or frustrate you?

Struggling with planning the structured action needed to create visibility and exposure for your business so you can attract and converts prospects?

If this sounds like you, then my Master Your Coaching Biz 12-week Bootcamp is for you!

I bring you all my years of experience in creating and scaling up my and my clients’ businesses in the 6 core areas of a coaching and service-based business. Together we will create an individualized plan that you can start implementing right away!

Our Next Bootcamp Starts Tuesday, April 20th!

Is this program right for you? Talk with Coach Cheryl and find out!

Learn my step-by-step system designed specifically to help you consistently attract your ideal coaching clients.

You’re working hard to get your business off the ground, but it’s tough – from understanding tech to building a website and meeting new clients – it’s overwhelming, and it’s easy to tell yourself you can’t do it.

And with everything that is going on in the world right now you’re not sure what to do or how to do it! 

But now is not the time to retreat, hide, or start to doubt the necessity of your coaching!

Make a massive impact in the world while growing a successful, sustainable, and profitable businesses without confusion, overwhelm or burnout.

 Hi! I’m Coach Cheryl – a Master Board Certified Business Coach and I help emerging coaches get clients and grow successful businesses while reaching their personal and professional goals.

After more than two decades in the corporate space supporting multimillion-dollar organizations, I found my voice, my passion, and my path towards creating a massive impact in the world.

I am thrilled and honored to help those that serve others to live the life they dream of by building sustainable businesses without overwhelm or burnout.


You took the classes, you got the certifications, and now you are READY to be your own boss!

Are you ready to master your coaching business?!

Are you stuck on the business side of coaching? Is It keeping you up at night?! Are you sick of burning yourself out and getting nowhere?!

You’re feeling overwhelmed by EVERYTHING that goes into
running a business…

You’re not sure where you need to start…

You’re spinning your wheels – you feel like you’re busy
all day long but not making any progress…

You’ve watched all the webinars, downloaded all the checklists and worksheets and you’re more confused now than when you first started!

Check out what some of my clients are saying!!

Before I started Master Your Coaching Bootcamp, I honestly did not know how to start establishing my coaching business. I desperately needed help! This course has been instrumental in me finding my voice, getting started and launching out into the deep! Everything I learned was absolutely priceless! I’m forever thankful!

Pranati Battaile, ACC

Certified Life and Leadership Coach, Life With Pranati

Cheryl is great to work with. Her calm disposition can really help you focus on what needs to happen to reach your goals and she’s truly a caring and honest person. Cheryl was my teacher as I got my coaching certification. She challenged me and pushed me out my comfort zone. I also went through her Coaching Business Bootcamp and I can honestly say that it was a great experience loaded with great information and resources. I would recommend Cheryl to anyone struggling to build their business.

Joe Cohen, ACC

Certified Professional Coach, 40 Pillars Coaching & Consulting

Cheryl’s Bootcamp is a fun, quick and effective way to launch your business as a coach.  With bite-size, attainable pieces, you go on an exploration of your personal niche and define yourself as a targeted coach.   As you go through the organized, simple step-by-step system, you are able to quickly set goals, develop content, delve into the clients you want to serve and learn how to market yourself towards becoming a successful coach and entrepreneur.  I’ve done other programs, but Cheryl takes a lot of the stress out of the equation to launching your own business!  Cheryl is an inspiring coach for sure!

Belle Vivienne, ACC

Master Life and Equus Coach, Belle Vivienne Coaching

Coach Cheryl has been a gift from God for my business and personal life! As a new coach, my questions were many and I didn’t have the time to take 10 different classes and do all the research necessary for a new Coaching Business. Mastering Your Coaching Business Bootcamp was the jumpstart that I needed!!! Coach Cheryl does an excellent job of literally walking you through step by step how to start your business. And I loved all the coaches in the class as they have become great colleagues. In my personal one-on-one sessions, she has been wonderful at helping me explore my struggles and be real with myself. She genuinely wants to see others succeeding! I can’t recommend Successful Coaches enough!!!!

Holly Davis

Certified Professional Coach, Journey Well Coaching

You’re probably thinking, “Okay, what can I get out of this specifically” and I’m glad you asked! The benefits to the Master Your Coaching Business Basics are…

At the end of the 12-week intensive, you will:

  1. Have tools to overcome the self-doubts and negative mindset that keep you up at night
  2. Know who your ideal client is and how to get their attention
  3. Have 2 products packaged and priced that speak to your audience
  4. Feel confident and organized in holding a successful consult and how to convert them to a client
  5. Build your tribe and prospect pool with a simple marketing plan
  6. Have a clear strategy to get clients and onboard them with a structured and seamless process
  7. Build a schedule that allows you to take structured ACTION to make the most out of your time and energy!
  8. Community and Accountability built in with your fellow bootcampers!
  9. All this and more to give you a great foundation for success!!

You do want to have it all, don’t you?!

Let’s Break It Down…

Over the 12 weeks we will cover 6 Modules to set you up for success:

Module 1: Mindset and Accountability 

You will learn how a Growth Mindset is absolutely needed to be successful.   We’ll talk though how mindset ties into our productivity and how to use your time effectivity to create accountability. You’ll set up the most effective schedule for you in our productivity calendar and put key strategies in place to build a successful business. 

Module 2: Ideal Client and Messaging   

Knowing who we serve is very critical to the success of our marketing, sales, services development, and delivery of  services. Having a deep understanding of who your customer avatar is will ensure that you are targeting the right people. Once you have that in place your messaging is so much easier to develop. You’ll create your ideal client avatar and then tackle your messaging and what makes you stand out from the crowd so you can grab the attention of those that you are meant to work with.   

Module 3: Services, Packaging and Pricing  

When creating your services, you want to plan out a path that you can take a prospect through. This path will show the flow of what working with you looks like and the price points. In this module we will get clear on the journey you want to take your clients though.  We’ll determine what you can do to add value to your packages, and we’ll price it out, so you walk away with clarity on what you offer. 

Module 4: Sales, Projections, Conversions and Conversations 

In this module I will show you how to project the sales for your business along with the strategies to reach those goals.  And to make sure you are set up for the best possible outcome, we will review the best way to have the sales conversion, so it converts to more clients.  I will also share my Sales Conversation Framework to unlock an effective sales conversation that has your clients saying YES.   

Module 5: Relationship Marketing 

Building relationships is the foundation to any marketing strategy. Turning contacts into loyal followers who become clients means moving people through the different levels of a relationship.  Consider that marketing is an extension of relationship building. It is taking the prospect that you have built a relationship with to the next level.  I will be sharing my best strategies for building relationships as we shape your successful 90 Day Marketing Plan with a simple strategy so you can automate and repeat to get clients consistently.   

Module 6: Systems for Growth and Success 

To set yourself up for success it will be very important to get some automation in place right from the beginning. The easiest way to do this is through setting up systems. It is the best way to stay organized and be ready to handle all the clients when your business takes off! We will explore the different systems to put in place to maximize your time and energy.  

Do you want to see if you are a good fit for the Master your Coaching Biz Bootcamp?

I’ve made this super affordable no matter where you are In your journey and I offer flexible payment options!

I want you to have the business you’ve been dreaming of! Let’s do this!

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