One of the biggest hurdles to blogging for any niche is coming up with content ideas. Many people get stuck in their left brain and cannot come up with a lot of content easily. But, if you know how to harness your right-brain way of thinking you have an enormous amount of information inside of you to come up with awesome content for your blog. It doesn’t matter if your content is focused on text or video or something else it doesn’t matter. Coming up with unlimited content ideas can be done anytime.

Use Mind Maps to Brainstorm Content Ideas

Creating a mind map is an excellent way to create an organized brain dump of information with which to create content. You start with one topic, circled in the middle of a piece of paper, or you can use mind mapping software such as Mind Meister, with branches that come out of the center topic idea. Mind maps are excellent ways to come up with content ideas because they help you stay focused and tap into the right side of your brain which is the creative side.

Look at Tables of Content from Books

This is a tricky way to accomplish what you want to accomplish but it works. Pick your topic, and then go to the library, or look on for books that show their table of contents about your topic. Use the table of contents as your guide about what to write about within your niche. Don’t copy it, but let the table of contents be your guide about all the different things you can write about related to your niche.

Fill in the Holes of the Content You Have

Take a look at the content you already have, if any, and see where you can fill in some holes. Remember that content online can be very elementary in terms of what it covers. People want to know the topic from A to Z, beginning to end. You need to cover the elementary aspects of your niche as well as the advanced aspects. If you’ve left out steps in between, you can fill that in with new content.

Repurpose Old Content

Already have a lot of blog posts? Start reading your old blog posts to find some good selections to turn into other types of content. An old blog post can be expanded into a report, or an old ten tips video can be made into 10 separate 3-minute videos that are more in-depth than the blog post. While you’re at it, if some of your old content is out of date and inaccurate now due to changes in the world, take that time to update them. Everything that was old can be new again and attract new people.

However, you choose to discover new content ideas to be sure to keep a record of what you’ve decided. We think we’ll remember but in truth, we won’t. Write everything down so that when it comes time to do the creating you have a list waiting for you.

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