September 29

How to be Fully Present for Yourself and Your Business

Every business starts with a vision. Coaches, as a whole, are very passionate people. But with passion and vision can come a lack of being fully present. When you’re focused on achieving a dream, that can detract from the reality of the situation in front of you. To help your personal coaching practice flourish and bloom, being in the moment is a vital prerequisite.

Why Being Present Matters

Of course, every entrepreneur needs long-term goals. But to make the day-to-day of running a business work, you need to be able to shut off your inner dreamer from time to time and get down to business.

By being present, you’ll find yourself making decisions based on realities, not fears and anxieties. You’ll be able to focus your energy on the issues you and your business are facing every day, not on problems you might see on the horizon but haven’t come to fruition yet. And you’ll find yourself coming up with more creative solutions to those problems as they arise.

Reject the “Busy” Mentality

Our culture really values being “busy,” often at the expense of everything else. Constantly having a full schedule leaves you taxed, stressed, and wiped out. As a coach and entrepreneur, your most valuable contributions to the world are your visions, ideas, and strategic insights, not on how packed your schedule is. Let go of the idea that you need to be busy all the time.

Respond, Don’t React

When you face a problem, if you immediately retaliate with your knee-jerk reaction, that generally comes from a place of instinct and, often, fear and anxiety. It’s a primal reaction. That usually means you won’t have the time and presence of mind to fully consider all your options.

Instead, take a breath and let yourself fully absorb the situation at hand. When you respond, you’ll be more likely to properly address the root cause of the problem.

Tap Into What You “Must” Do, Not What You “Should” Do

When you let what you “should” do drive you, you’re operating based on the expectations of others – whether those expectations are real or imagined, well-informed or misguided. Most of the time, that pulls us from the reality of our lived experience. When you take a moment and search your mind for what you “must” do, you’re listening to your gut and trusting your lived experience as it’s happening right now. And your gut won’t steer you wrong.

Do a Presence Exercise

Every so often, set a 2-minute timer and write down all your achievements, big or small, over the past 90 days. Aim to end up with about 5-10 things.

When you’re done, reset the timer and write down everything you’re doing right now to push yourself and your business forward.

Then, reset the timer one more time. Write down everything on your mind in terms of your future (for yourself and your business). Don’t censor your thoughts. Let it all out.

This exercise gives you the chance to empty your mind, reflect, and brainstorm new ideas. But since you’re setting a time limit, you can avoid ruminating on what-ifs.

Staying present for yourself and your business is a never-ending battle. But you’ll find that with regular check-ins, it will become a habit that’s much easier to maintain.


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