August 11

3 Characteristics of Growth-Mindset Entrepreneurs

Starting a business can be overwhelming. Growth-mindset entrepreneurs need proper resources, but the right attitude will help them better handle the challenges that come their way.

As an entrepreneur, developing a positive and productive mindset should be your first goal as it forms the cornerstone of success.

A growth mindset will always be your best defense when you face bumps on this rewarding path.

Your business venture begins with you. Will you be able to grow through failures, carry on when things get tough and lift your spirits during difficult times?

Although no single set of characteristics will make everyone successful, here are three typical characteristics of growth-mindset entrepreneurs often shared by those who have found success in their business.

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3 Characteristics of Growth-Mindset Entrepreneurs

optimistic woman | 3 Characteristics of Growth-Mindset Entrepreneurs

1. Optimism

optimistic woman | optimistic

When a problem arises, a successful entrepreneur sees it as an opportunity to learn and build confidence.

Maintaining a positive attitude doesn’t mean you do not see the situation for what it is.

It’s normal to react negatively to setbacks, but approaching them as a chance to develop new ideas and improve yourself is a much more productive way to spend your time and energy.

Be optimistic. There’s a solution to every complication.

2. Determination


While passion may be the initial spark of starting your business, commitment and determination will keep you going.

Anyone can start a business, but not everyone can persevere through multiple challenges.

You’ll be rejected and disappointed frequently throughout your journey, and being able to withstand it all is essential to maintaining your business and sanity.

But with persistence comes knowing when to adapt your plans, tactics, and outputs. Changing how you do things doesn’t mean stopping what you’re doing.

3. Growth-Mindset Entrepreneurs have Self-Respect

A silhouette of a narcissistic woman raises her self-esteem in front of a mirror | Self-Respect

 Building a business from the ground up can certainly be stressful. Caring for your physical and mental health should be a part of your daily routine as your marketing efforts.

Taking care of yourself allows you to take care of your business.

The most important aspects of respecting yourself are:

  • Diet – Nourish your body with healthy choices and treats during the day.
  • Exercise – Go for a walk or the gym; whatever you enjoy gets you moving.
  • Rest – Get adequate sleep and take frequent breaks from work.

Tend to your body and spirit to be successful in your life. 

Once you’re committed to a growth mindset, you will become an unstoppable force, an entrepreneur able to face problems and build a successful, thriving business.

Find and nurture your authentic self, heighten your awareness, and devote yourself to pursuing your idea.

Continue to develop these and other characteristics to align yourself with where you want to go.

If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? 

To your success,

Coach Cheryl Thacker


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