November 9

Group Coaching Synergy

I love my 1:1 clients, but there’s something about group coaching that energizes me in a very different way.  When there is synergy in the group, I feel like we can take on the world together and get so much done.  Community is built quickly and the support when a group of coaches gets together is amazing! 

Occasionally though things don’t go so great.

Occasionally though things don’t go so great.  From my experience, it happens when there is a lack of preparation and group management skills.  It isn’t hard but it does require some basics in place before you get started.  

Group coaching provides breakthrough ideas, authentic connection, and an exhilarating supply of inspiration and motivation for your clients. However, in order to get the most out of a group, every member must contribute and engage. If only one or two people dominate, the whole group suffers.  

As the group leader, part of your role is to ensure that every person in your group coaching sessions gets airtime to ask questions, get and give feedback, and share ideas. 

Starting on day one, you need to: 

1 – Build trust 

If people don’t feel safe, they won’t engage. During the first coaching session, ask ‘icebreaker’ questions that allow group members to open up. Guide the conversation, and keep it inspirational and motivational. 

2 – Offer multiple ways to communicate  

Some people feel at ease sharing in a group right away, others need to dip their toes in first:  

  • Create a group chat or closed group on social media: Members can engage at their own pace, in writing or, using gifs and emoji 

  • Allow members to submit questions for group calls via email or an online form (Google Forms): Still, waters run deep. Quiet, reflective people often provide great insight – don’t let your group miss out on their valuable contributions  

  • Introduce non-verbal forms of expression: Vision boards, inspirational quotes, videos, or music give your group members alternative ways to express themselves and motivate others 

3 – Step in and redirect when necessary  

Set ground rules and stick to them: No talking over others. No excessive backstory. Be open to feedback and listen.   

The things that make group coaching so powerful can also make it challenging. Foster communication that allows every voice to be heard. Your group will be better for it!   

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