When you’re working toward goals and resolutions, backsliding is a normal part of the process. Many of us, including me, can get pretty down on ourselves when we get off track. We see it as failure, and sometimes that kind of  thinking can lead us to quit. In order to not give up, it’s important to keep moving forward if you get off track so that you don’t lose momentum. Here are some ways to get back up when you fall.

Avoid Self-Criticism

We tell ourselves all kinds of negative things when we fall behind on our self made deadlines or challenges. That’s one way to really kill your dreams. Avoid negative self-talk.  Things like  “I messed up again,” or, “I’ll never be able to do this.” tend to come true.  What we tell ourselves becomes our reality.  Get in the habit of saying positive affirmations to counter negative self talk.  Things like “I’ll get it next time” or “I can do this” Yes, it’s important to hold yourself accountable just be careful to use positive language. Remind yourself that this goal is important and that you will start again right now!

Be Careful of the Company You Keep

The people we surround ourselves with influence our moods, thoughts and attitude more than we may realize. Stay away from those people who suck the life out of you with their negative talk or complaining.  Take care that you don’t hang around people who don’t support you dreams. They may not even be aware of it,  but there’s a good chance they’re trying to steal your joy because they don’t believe in themselves. Instead, stick with those who are positive and uplifting towards their own lives and they’ll be supportive of yours.

Remember Your Why

We’ve spoken in this series about your why. It’s the reasons you have for your goals and resolutions. Reconnect with the motivating factors behind your whys often. Remember that visualizing what you want your life to be like when you’ve accomplished your goals can help with resistance or struggle.

Look for Inspiration

One final tip I have is to seek out inspirational stories or examples of others who have done similar things to what you want to accomplish.  Go online and search for people who have taken risks and overcome obstacles. Success stories that resonate with you. Learning how others have overcome obstacles is a great way to get inspired and get back on track with your goals!