February 21

Don’t Make This Silly Mistake with Your Low-Ticket Offers

It’s easy to build relationships with your audience and boost sales through low-ticket offers. These are products sold for $50 or less that offer great value. They work well in a sales funnel, and you can even earn directly through them when you sell in volume. But, there’s one big, silly mistake that many businesses make that causes their low-ticket offer strategy to fall flat. Keep reading to learn this silly mistake with low-ticket offers, and avoid it at all costs!

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An image of people putting together giant letters that spell VALUE, demonstrating that no one should make this silly mistake when they're forming their low-ticket offers - don't decrease the VALUE with the price!

Don’t Make This Silly Mistake with Your Low-Ticket Offers!

The Price Is Low, Not the Value of a Low-Ticket Offer

A low-ticket offer can be very small and simple. It might be something like a checklist or resource guide, or even something as simple as a template the buyer can use for tasks they need to complete.

But simple and low priced does not mean low value. No matter how stripped down the product is and what low price tag it carries, it needs to offer tangible value. The customer should be amazed that you’re offering something so helpful at such a low price.

What Is “Value”?

So, what does it mean to offer great value? What “value” means is that it creates a measurable difference in the user’s life. Something has changed that they can feel after they use your product.

The key to success is to come up with an idea that your customer can really use. For example, a resource guide that lists free resources to help them accomplish a daunting task. Or a checklist for dealing with a common problem they face. By providing an easy solution for them, you’re offering value.

Know Your Customers

How do you offer a simple product with great value? It starts with your customers.

Use feedback from your audience to create a customer profile. Gain an understanding of who they are and what they need. Look particularly at problems they confront, pain points they have, and questions they’re asking. If you can create a product that offers benefits in these areas, your customers will buy it.

Your product doesn’t have to solve the problem. With low-ticket offers, you just need to present some help or relief that they will feel after successful use.

Audit Your Expertise

Another way to approach this problem is to consider your areas of expertise and knowledge. You know more about certain topics than others. A product that teaches this to other people will offer great value. Through the low-ticket offer, the user will come to see you as an expert and then want to find what else you have to offer.

Brainstorm a list of things you know about that perhaps others don’t. Think of ways you’ve helped others in the past. Make a list of questions people often ask you. Look over what you’ve published, paying close attention to content that performed well. Also, look at other creators in your niche to see if there are gaps you can fill.

Quality, Not Quantity for Low-Ticket Offers

Start with the customer and their needs. Next, think about areas where you can help. Create a simple product that offers assistance. If you can make this connection, you’ll have a low-ticket offer that provides great value well beyond customer expectations. Do this right, and you’ll grow an engaged audience that will be receptive to your high-ticket offers.

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