If your Group Program hasn’t taken off and feels like a dead-end…

Or if you want to create a successful group coaching program and spend less time putting it together all by yourself…

…AND if you are ready to INCREASE your REVENUE and make a positive IMPACT then…

This event is for YOU!



The main benefit is the POWERFUL synergy of a group working together toward a common goal. It harnesses the collective wisdom of a group of people focused on the same goals to produce a more effective outcome that they would achieve on their own.


You will have more freedom and EARN MORE by doing what you love!


You will learn resource that ENHANCE what you offer your clients


The advantage for you and your business is that working with a group EXPANDS your reach so you can serve more people at a time and it creates more awareness about you and your business. 


You BUILD a community of like-minded people that support each other.


In creating the space, you will find the exchange of ideas produces MASSIVE RESULTS.


Design Your Successful Group Coaching Program

April 5 – 8, 2021

(with Bonus Day Friday, April 9th!)

This event is designed to INSPIRE you to take huge leaps forward towards transforming your business while setting up your SUCCESSFUL group coaching program!

Day 1 – Establish Your Why

Here you will define the purpose of your group coaching program and how it fits into your overall business plan. With a defined business plan, every decision you make will be easier and impact your bottom line. 

Day 2 – Define Your Target Audience and Outcome

You will discover who your Ideal Client is and what their biggest challenges are. And in this work, you will identify what one challenge you can solve through a group coaching program.

Day 3 – Outline Your Content

Now that you know what topic you are going to cover in your group coaching program, the next step is outline your content so you can deliver the outcomes your Ideal Client expects.

Day 4 – Choose Delivery and Engagement Methods

By this point, you will be ready to pull together all the components of your previous work and decide on what methods to use that will be the most effective and engaging. Learn the best strategies and systems to get the engagement and results that your clients are looking for.

Bonus Day 5 – Marketing for Success

Now that you are ready and have a plan you will want to market your program so you can fill it! During this bonus, I will walk you through what it takes to market your program. 

Do you want to achieve more in your business?

Now YOU can! 

I want to invite you to my 4-Day FREE event where I will walk you through building a successful Group Coaching Program!


AND make sure you join us at the Bonus Session, you will not want to miss it!

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