One of the goals for this challenge is to increase engagement with your subscribers. Since it will be such a big goal over the coming month, I thought we’d spent today going over what exactly this engagement is and why it’s important. If you ask me, engaging your audience is one of the biggest secrets to email marketing success.

What Does It Mean To Engage With Your Subscribers?

Think of engagement as a dialog. You want your readers and subscribers to interact with you. This can happen in many ways. You can ask your subscribers questions, have them hit reply and email you. You can encourage them to email you with questions and suggestions. You can interact with your readers on social media or though blog comments. The simple act of getting them to click or take some sort of action as a result of your email is engagement.

At the very least you want to connect with your subscribers in some way, shape, or form. Make them think, wonder, or laugh about your emails. Create a connection with your audience.

Why Is This Engagement So Important To You And Your Bottom Line?

The big question, of course, is why we have to worry about engagement. Because you have to build rapport, trust and intimacy so you can have a relationship with your readers. They have to know and like you before they will consider working with you.

The relationship with your potential customers has to be there first. Talking to your readers and getting to know them better also helps you gauge what their needs are and eventually what your products are to meet those needs.

But What About My Readers?

You aren’t the only person benefiting from this increased engagement. You are helping your readers to be more successful, happy, balanced etc.  You’re taking the time to get to know them better. You’re making an effort to serve them better. The best way to do that is engaging your readers, listening to them, getting to know them and their needs and then helping them fill the gaps.

Here are some ways to consider increasing engagement:

  • Ask for their opinion
  • Share your struggles and ask how they relate
  • Create a survey
  • Share a blog post and ask for comments

To your success,

Coach Cheryl