An essential part of planning out your social media calendar is to plug in your promotional material to capture attention, drive interest, and produce sales. Although you may occasionally have a month where you aren’t offering any promotions or launching something new, this will likely be the exception rather than the rule; and even a relatively small event, such as a simple Facebook Live, needs to be incorporated into your social media calendar.

Here are some of the things to consider adding to your calendar:

New and Updated Offers and Services

What new offers or services are you launching in the coming months? Even if you aren’t exactly sure when you’ll be ready for your launch, make sure to add some reminders to your social media calendar in case you’re ready before the month ends.

Course and Program Launches

Do you have products or programs that open up a membership on a quarterly basis? Is this enrollment period coming up? If so, make sure you’re using your social media calendar to build excitement and engage your audience. Do you have a new program coming online in the next couple of months?

Time-Sensitive Promotions

Flash sales and other time-sensitive promotions are great ways to get a quick boost in sales. Is your birthday coming up in the next month? Consider celebrating the occasion with a 24-hour flash sale. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are times when your followers are likely on the lookout for savings.

Other Types of Launches

Have you been working on a book that’s ready to launch in the coming months? Now’s the time to start planning out your social media strategy. Use a series of posts during the next month to build a bit of hype. If your new website is almost ready to come online, make sure you’re integrating this launch with your social media platforms.

Don’t Forget Affiliate Offers

Affiliate marketing is a valid alternate stream of income so join affiliate programs of tools or programs that you love and trust. By simply telling others about their awesomeness, you can earn a small commission. Build these offers into your monthly themes or when you need to fill some space.

To Your Success,
Coach Cheryl