October 11

Day 4 How to Write a Great Email with Purpose

Sitting down to write a great email to your list can be a bit daunting. It doesn’t help when you’re staring at a blank page with only a vague idea about what you want to write about. To avoid that blank page, start with an outline of what makes a great email message. When you have a pretty good idea of what that looks like, it becomes much easier to fill in the blanks with what you want to share with your readers today.

Start with the topic and the purpose of your email. You have to be very clear in your head about both to be able to craft a message that will resonate with your subscribers and gets them to take the action you want them to take. Think about that for a minute. What’s the purpose of your email? Do you want to share information? Do you want to earn their trust? Do you want to build rapport with your readers? Do you want to increase engagement? Do you want them to click on a link to a blog post or podcast you just published? Do you want them to make a purchase?

Decide what you want them to do and then pick a topic from your list that goes with that purpose.

Here are a few more purposes to get you thinking:

  • Showcasing your expertise.
  • Building rapport.
  • Introducing your readers to a new idea.
  • Introducing your readers to an expert you plan on promoting in the future.
  • Getting your readers to share their most burning questions with you.
  • Helping your readers reach the next step towards their goal.
  • Showing your readers bigger goals to strive towards.
  • Sharing a great product that you think will help them.
  • Getting feedback about an offer you shared.
  • Reminding them of a deadline.
  • Showing your readers what they are missing, or what they don’t know yet.
  • Getting your readers excited about a new product by sharing how someone else has used it successfully.

The next important part of a great email message is a hook (subject line and teaser). What’s going to make your readers want to open your email and start reading it? You need a good hook so start paying attention to the emails you receive that grab your attention.  What “hooks” are they using?

Next, decide on the action you want them to take and then tell them what you want them to do. Yes, it’s as easy as that. Here’s an example of a call to action:  “Click here to subscribe to my channel. The next video is going up later this afternoon and it’s something you don’t want to miss”.

That’s really all there is to great email messages. Getting good at writing them and making sure they speak to your particular target audience is what counts!

To your success,

Coach Cheryl


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