October 13

Day 2 Start with a Plan

Before we dive headfirst into email marketing, it’s good to come up with a plan. Your plan will guide you and make sure you stay on track throughout this Email Marketing Challenge and beyond. It doesn’t have to be complicated or elaborate, but it’s something you should think about. At the end of the challenge, review and see where you are.

Where Are You Now?

Start by determining where you are now. Do you have a list in place? How is your relationship with your readers? Have you been emailing them regularly? Do they know, like, and trust you? More importantly, are they comfortable buying from you? Are you making money from your email marketing right now?

These are all important questions. Take the time to think about them and record your answers. Now is also a great time to note some important stats like list size, unsubscribe rate, open rate, click through rate and the like. Go to your auto-responder dashboard (if you have one) and see what reports you can access. Take note of the stats so you have a good picture of where you are right now.

Also, think about how good your copywriting is. Are you good at writing emails that convert well? It’s something we can all improve on, me included. I will be sharing a few tips and ideas that will help you get better at this over the challenge.

Where Do You Want to Be 30 Days From Now?

Once you have a good grasp of where you are now, spend a few minutes setting goals for the next 30 days. This could be as simple as deciding that you want to revive an old and stagnant list that you haven’t mailed regularly in the past. Or it could be as ambitious and detailed as wanting to increase your open rate by 50%. Of course, you could also set a monetary goal of generating $500 in sales.  If you are just starting out your goal may be to have 10 emails, choose an autoresponder and send schedule them.  It’s important to set an end goal. Without an endpoint, it’s hard to map out a plan and a road for reaching that goal. Spend a few minutes right now deciding what you want to accomplish and write it down.

How Are You Going To Get There?

Last but not least it’s time to figure out how you’re going to get there. With a starting point and end goal firm in mind, this will be easier than you think. I’m sure you have a few ideas bubbling in your head already. Write them down.

To your success,
Coach Cheryl


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  1. Hi,
    Coach Cheryl
    I like the questions you ask in this blog post and the strategies. It helps determine where you are and where you want to be. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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