Create a Successful and Engaging Client Challenge 

Do you want to enhance and grow your business while engaging and widening your customer base?

Maybe you’re looking to build your brand, or perhaps your business goal is to boost your reputation as an authority in your field?

Challenges urge your prospects and current clients to push themselves towards achieving some goal. It may be to lose a certain amount of weight in a specified period of time. Or the goal could be to research, build, and launch an online business in 30 days. You might even run a challenge to help people finally write a book.  

Who Can Run a Challenge?

Successful challenges can be run in any type of business, online or off, regardless of your market or focus.

In this 5 day event, you will learn how to run a customer challenge successfully to achieve the particular business goal you have in mind.

This challenge will walk you through:

Day 1 – Desired Result and Challenge Idea

We’ll explore what your specific goals are for your challenge and brainstorm what challenges would be speak to your ideal client. 

Day 2 – Choose Where and Who

Will you choose to run your challenge online? In-person? Who will you invite?  We’ll explore the options and I’ll share my best tools and tips to help!

Day 3 – Choose Your Distribution Channel and Create Your Content

What content will you need to create and how will you get it to your particpants?  We’ll explore how to create content quickly and easily and the best way to get in the hand s of your participants!

Day 4 – Outline Your Challenge Marketing Plan

By this point, you’ll be ready to plan out your pre and post challenge marketing plan with my help.

Day 5 – Launch and Manage Your Challenge

Join me July 19th – 23rd! 

Customer challenges are a fun, cost effective way to increase brand awareness, build your client base and drive engagement.

They also:

  • Appeal to the human desire to compete
  • Form a connection a simple sale cannot
  • Help you collect testimonials and success stories
  • Differentiate you from your competition

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