Are you a coach looking to package and price your services easily and confidently, so people WANT to buy them?

In this free workshop I will teach you how to package, price and market your offer in a simple and effective way so you can give value to your clients while reaching your business goals.  

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Cheryl’s program is an organized, simple step-by-step system, where you are able to quickly set goals, develop content, delve into the clients you want to serve and learn how to market yourself towards becoming a successful coach and entrepreneur. I’ve done other programs, but Cheryl takes a lot of the stress out of the equation! Cheryl is an inspiring coach for sure!

Belle Vivienne, CPC, AC
Belle Vivienne Coaching

5 Day Workshop

This is what we cover in this free 5 Day workshop

Day 1 –
Connect: Find Your Ideal Client

Knowing your audience and what their needs are is an essential part of being successful in your business. If you’re going to offer ways to meet your clients’ needs with packages, you need to be certain about what those needs are. Each element included in those packages must address and fulfill the need. We’re going to delve into who you serve and what they crave so that creating your packages is simple and laser targeted where is becomes almost automatic.

Day 2 -
Create: Package Your Offer to Serve With Ease

Most coaches think in terms of all the possible services we can offer and then how to price each one. The result of this "a la carte" approach is that clients get overwhelmed by options and they get focused on price or number of hours. That's where 'Packaging' comes in. Packaging up your services based on client needs means that clients see your offers in terms of "solutions" rather than services. You’ll learn a simple system to create the most effective package that will grow your business and best serve your clients.

Day 3 –
Value: Charge What You're Worth

What do you charge for your products or services? Is not an easy question to answer. One of the most difficult things that Coaches face is figuring out what to charge for their services. It’s a huge obstacle and hard to overcome on your own. I am going to walk you through a simple method that will help you not only choose the best pricing for your packages that aligns with the goals you have for your business but also ensures you are charging what you are worth.

Day 4 –
Visibility: Sign Your First or Next Client

Now that you have created and priced your main package, how do you get your ideal client to know what it is and see you as the go to coach? You’ll plan out your launch and the marketing materials you’ll need to promote your main package.  You’ll create a marketing plan with a simple strategy to attracts the clients you’re meant to serve with timelines and accountability and choose and announce a launch date to create a buzz among your followers and motivate potential clients to look out for your offer!

Day 5 –
Believe: Design Your Success Mindset

Every coach and entrepreneur is in a relentless pursuit to grow their business. Typically, we look at the external methods, such as outsourcing, automation, marketing tactics or sales. In reality we have to look at the internal methods. Believing in ourselves is our number one job and developing a success mindset is the most important thing we can do for ourselves. Our mindset and our beliefs about our abilities play a key role in fueling, or dampening, our success. To be successful, you must believe in the positive possibilities for yourself and then act on them. I will show you a simple way to design your success mindset that will allow you to unlock your untapped potentials and overcome limiting beliefs.

As a new coach my questions were many and I didn’t have the time to take 10 different classes and do all the research necessary for a new Coaching Business. Coach Cheryl does an excellent job of literally walking you through step by step how to start your business in her group program. In my personal one on one sessions, she has been wonderful at helping me explore my struggles and be real with myself. She genuinely wants to see other’s succeeding! I can’t recommend Successful Coaches enough!!

Holly Davis, CPC, ACC
Journey Well Coaching

Learn from the
Business Start Up Coach

I’m Coach Cheryl, CEO of Successful Coaches Enterprise, creator of the Coaching Biz Accelerator program, host of the Master Your Coaching Biz Podcast and I have helped hundreds of coaches build successful businesses since 2012. Before starting my own company, I spent over 25 years in corporate America helping to improve sales, increase profit, create products, and attract clients. I was consistently in the top 5 performers nationwide. Today, my team and I combine my business background with online strategies to help clients create freedom in their lives by building successful businesses without overwhelm or burnout.


This workshop is NOT for the faint of heart.

We work with coaches who aren’t afraid to put in the work and are willing to dedicate the time and energy needed to become successful in order to serve their clients well!

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