Are YOU ready for the challenge?

You feel completely overwhelmed... a lot.

You feel like your progress is so slow you don’t really notice it.

You achieve some of your goals but not enough to feel fulfilled.

You crave freedom to create your dream life.

You’re not sure what you should be doing and in what order makes the most sense to get clients and serve them well.

You let fear of the unknown stop you from making good business decisions.

You sacrifice other aspects of your life for the business.

You’ve tried all the free things and you’re just not making any headway.

  1. 1
    You aren't scaling as quickly as you'd like to and the path to replace your full-time income and beyond is painstakingly slow. You're drowning in all the marketing and strategy choices, and doing all the things, and while you want to make changes, that feels like even more work that you don't have time to do.
  2. 2
    You’re not getting the support you need with other courses, webinars, and low-cost trainings. When you do invest, you feel like you’re alone in the process instead of a valued partner. You've outgrown most of the quick programs that have vague outcomes, and you feel stagnant and unsure of what to do next.
  3. 3
    You're tired of the status quo — you're here to build a tribe of clients that work with you for life, and you know in your gut that chasing one strategy after another, and cookie cutter formulas are not the foundations of a real, sustainable business.

We're so glad you found us!
Get ready, because we're about to turn it all around...

Until now,

it’s been extremely difficult to grow a service-based business online. Most online trainings are designed for course creators, bloggers, and freelancers, not for coaches trying to create a successful online business. But with all that is going on in the world now, being online is no longer a luxury— it's a necessity.

A go-to market strategy that’s simple AND repeatable,

so you can move away from chasing all the pop-up strategies that come and go.

A reliable, repeatable lead generation system

so you can reach the people in ways that build your brand and attract your dream clients.

A high value packaged offer that fills the gap

in your target market, leaving you as the leader in your niche.

Clear and consistent messaging

so you can show up and serve as the go-to brand and authority in your space.

Do you want to continue to try and do it on your own, spinning your wheels, getting frustrated, overwhelmed and burned out.....

OR do you want to build a successful sustainable business so you can serve your clients in the best way possible and create the freedom you crave in your life?

We will support you and be there with you every step of the way to reaching your goals!

I am just starting out as a coach, is this program for me?

Absolutely! The accelerator will help you get started getting clients and setting yourself up for success!

What if I have already been in business for a while?

If you have been in business for a while but still have a "Day Job" and want to make the transition to full time in your coaching business, this program is for you!

I am already full time in my business but not bringing in the income or having the impact I envisioned for myself. Can the Coaching Biz Accelerator help me?

YES! We bring training and strategies to scale up your business and broaden your impact!

What does CBA cost?

We offer a payment plan of $425.00 per month for 6 months, or you can pay $1,777 up front and save!

Who should join CBA?

This program is for coaches and service providers who are tired of trying to figure it all out on their own, who want to be supported and are willing to do the work needed to create a successful business

What does CBA include?

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
    Each month we focus on a specific topic to grow your business. We meet 4 times during the month where Coach Cheryl conducts Training, Q&A, Mentoring and Hotseat coaching. You will set monthly goals, build in accountably and get the work done during our Co-Working sessions.
  • Small Group Custom Cohort
    You will be placed in a small group cohort capped to ensure everyone gets individual attention and where you can build lasting relationships and community.
  • Private Facebook Group
    Our private Facebook Group is full of like-minded people participating in our program who are stepping up and creating their dream businesses.
  • Intensives
    We meet for long term planning, strategizing and guest training by outside experts who are blowing up their industries and making an impact to complement our program.

BONUSES: Plus, you get unlimited Telegram Support between sessions, and access to the Coaching Biz Academy Memberships; the Coaches Launch Lab & Pro-Coach Collective, FREE for 1 YEAR! Inside is training, templates, scripts & resources to help you become the go-to authority in your niche. We add to them each month!

How much time will I need to invest?

As the owner and operator of your business you need to have an understanding of relationship building, marketing, content creation, sales, client management and how to manage it all. We’re here to give you the education, accountability, and support but ultimately it is up to you to implement what you learn you commit to and have available.

Have questions?

Reach out to Coach Cheryl or your Ambassador!