Did you know that the average human has about 70,000 thoughts per day? The funny thing is that about 65,000 of them are the same as the ones you had yesterday.

The vast majority of these thoughts exist to reinforce the stories you tell yourself.

The stories we tell ourselves are usually pretty entertaining, and they certainly help to make life a little easier. Unfortunately, many of us also tend to tell a lot of stories that aren’t so fun, and they severely limit our confidence, our choices, and our opportunities.  So in order for us to get what we really want in life, we have to change some of the stories we tell.

Fortunately, this process can be really fun. It may feel a little uncomfortable at first because it is a new and different way of talking to ourselves. But it is also exhilarating.

Here are 3 simple and fun ways to broaden your horizons and open yourself to new stories.

  • Expand Your Knowledge

Have you listened to any good podcasts lately? How about audiobooks? Attended a good seminar?  What topics can you further explore to increase your mind, reframe your perspective, and change your story to something that benefits you and helps you grow?

  • Take A Complaint Fast

Fasting is all the rage right now, but don’t worry, you don’t have to stop eating anything. Instead, stop complaining…just for a while. Try it for a day and see what happens. Just one day.  It will feel so good you will want to try it for a week! Don’t worry, at the end of the week you can go off on an epic online rant if you still feel like it. But I bet you won’t want to.

  • Literally Change Your Story

You know that story you’ve been telling all week about why you couldn’t do the thing you wanted to do? How about the one about the person who really ticked you off? Stop. Just stop. Those stories aren’t doing you any good, nor are they helping anyone else. Instead, next time you’re tempted, tell the story about that time someone did something great for you. Or remind yourself of all the great talents you have, and amazing things you have accomplished. 

Because tomorrow you’ll have another 70,000 thoughts, many in the form of stories. So make them good!

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