January 28

A Mentor Or Coach Can Help You Reach Your Goals Faster

I’m a big advocate of asking for help when you find yourself struggling. This is true with regard to personal issues, work challenges or relationship struggles. Trying to push through alone isn’t necessary and can make your life much more difficult than it needs to be.  Enlisting the assistance of an expert is one way you can push through the obstacles so you can reach your goals and dreams.

Why Get Help?

There are some things that are very challenging to face on our own. We may not have the expertise to obtain the results we hope to achieve without getting advice or guidance. In addition, it may simply not be necessary to try to figure it all out on our own. If you have the resources to hire an expert, you can save yourself a ton of frustration and reach your goals faster. Another benefit of bringing in someone to help is that they can help us be accountable to the actions we need to take and to help us keep motivated.  You may be surprised to discover just how motivational it is to have someone in your corner who knows their stuff.

Types of Helpers

The type of expert you look for will obviously depend on your specific goal, but I’d like to talk about a few of the more common ones. Weight loss coaches and personal trainers are great for those seeking to improve their health, fitness levels and bodies. A business coach is what you need if you are looking to launch or grow a business . A general life coach is someone who can help you to tackle personal development issues or interpersonal difficulties. A psychotherapist or counselor might even be someone you can turn to if you feel your mental health is holding you back from reaching your potential.  There are so many options for you to explore to get help!

Where to Find Them

First is to ask friends, family, or colleagues that could point you in the right direction.  You could look at coach or consulting listing sites or you could do a google search . These sources are also a good way get references or testimonials. Looking at their websites for relevant testimonials and social proof can help you make a good choice as well! Also look for certification, affiliation with industry associations or other signs that the person is a respected professional in their field.

Obtaining a coach, guide or mentor to help you along your journey is smart if you are able to and  will increase your success.  As a Master Board Certified Coach and Mentor, I always have my own coach and mentors to help me reach the goals for my business and personal life.  Would you like to see if I can help you?  Set up a free strategy session here and let’s talk! https://successfulcoaches.com/consult 


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