February 2

8 Free Ways to Advertise Your Solution-Based Packages

Do you have an excellent high-value service to offer but not enough clients? There are many ways you can advertise and put your solution-based service packages in front of those who need it. Here are 8 ideas that don’t cost a penny.

Be Active on Social Media

Create business pages on the social media platforms that your potential clients frequent. Use your presence here to share news stories, tips, and information on your services with the aim of demonstrating to potential clients your unique value.

Join Online Forums

Join online forums where your target market is discussing topics related to your business. Join the conversations and offer help using your expertise with no strings attached. People will come to know you there and then check out your profile to see what services you offer.

Write a Blog

Create a blog where you write about topics of interest to your target market. This will demonstrate your expertise and give people free content to help them with their problems. If you get into the routine of blogging regularly, you’ll attract new leads through search engine traffic.

Get Listed Locally

Get your business listed on Google Places and other local listings. It’s just a matter of filling out an online form and confirming. Once you’re set up there, you’ll appear on Google Maps and other services, boosting your visibility. You can also get listed with your local Chamber of Commerce’s business listings.

Speak at Offline Events

Find local events where you can book speaking engagements. Get in front of local businesses who can use your services, and share your expertise on a topic that will be valuable for them to learn. During the presentation and in the presentation materials, you can pitch your packages to them.

Hold Online Webinars

An even easier way to get in front of your target market and inform them about your services is to hold webinars. Take some topic you can teach online and offer it for free. Participants will get a taste of the value you offer and some of them will become paying clients.

Create an Incentive Program

Get more business by getting your current clients to talk about you to their friends. Create a system of rewarding referrals with a free service, deep discount, or some other high-value incentive. There’s no better advertising that word of mouth.

Partner with Another Business

Reach out to businesses that share your client base and form partnerships with them. Carry out some project together like an event or a course teaching something that utilizes both your expertise. For the best results, partner with an influencer or big name in your niche.

Grow Your Sales by Packaging Your Services

The key to success is to know your target market inside and out. If you understand the problems they’re facing and where they spend time online, you can present your solution-based packages to them and grow your service-based business’s sales.

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