December 15

10 Steps to Reach Your Goals for 2022 and Beyond!

Let’s start by looking at some of the reasons people set goals but are unable to achieve them:

  • Their goals are too broad and lack specific parameters
  • Their time frames are unreasonable and expectations unrealistic
  • They lack the motivation to follow through with task completion
  • They don’t take enough action once goals are made
  • They lack accountability from an outside source to keep them on track

You may see yourself in some of the above statements and have experienced similar difficulties with achieving goals in the past. That’s all about to change.

A common problem with goal setting is that people program themselves to fail before they’ve even tried. They let the times when they didn’t achieve their goals influence new opportunities.

If this sounds familiar to you, make the decision that you will no longer let past experiences run your present and future. This means paying attention to the mindset you have when you prepare to set goals.

The most powerful way to tackle this is not to ignore what’s gone before, but to acknowledge it. Then you’re in a position to consciously change your thinking.

For example, if you habitually go into a goal-setting session saying to yourself “I don’t know why I bother with this. It never works!” then your chances of succeeding are slim. Take that phrase and turn it around into a more positive statement, such as:

I haven’t achieved all the goals I’ve wanted in the past, but this time I’m going to make it work.”


“I might not have achieved my goals in the past, but this time is different”

You need to choose the wording that works for you and feels right. You also want to get into the right mindset before you sit down to set your goals and you will have a better chance of achieving them.

Here are 10 steps you need to commit to. You may find some of them more challenging than others:

  1. Draw a line under the past and start fresh
  2. Decide that this time you’ll achieve your goals
  3. Once you’ve set a goal, see it through to its completion. One completed goal will have a much greater impact on your business than 10 incomplete ones
  4. Prepare to do whatever it takes to achieve your desired outcome
  5. Make sure your goals excite you to take the required action. If they don’t, then redraft them
  6. Believe in yourself. No matter what goal you want to achieve, if you can imagine it, then you can accomplish it
  7. Commit to becoming better each day. By working to raise your game, you’ll be able to set bigger and better goals
  8. Be prepared to step outside your comfort zone
  9. Learn from the things that didn’t work out as you’d intended
  10. Don’t give up. Persistence pays

These steps will help you develop new habits around goal setting and get you closer to success!

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