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Do you absolutely LOVE the coaching profession and the light it brings to the world?

Are you inspired when you’re helping others achieve their greatness?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed when it comes to setting up and growing your business?

Are you lacking the automation and systems you need to scale and go from side-gig to full-time entrepreneur?

Do you struggle to get visible and market your business the way you should?

Have you been stuck at the same income level for a couple of years?

Is the business side of your business keeping you up at night?

Stop getting lost in your business!
Stop trading your time for money because you lack the right processes!
Stop selling yourself, your clients, and the world short because you’re not putting yourself out there enough!

It’s time for you to have the freedom, balance, inspiration, and success

that you dreamt of when you started your business!

Start taking structured action so you can grow a successful, sustainable, and profitable business!
Start working smarter, not harder!
Start sharing your gifts so you can be inspired and inspire others!
Start practicing what you preach, and set yourself up for success!

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I’m Cheryl, and I’m so grateful that you are here! I believe that every entrepreneur has a unique gift to present to the world. It is inspiring and humbling to help entrepreneurs find their voice so they can refine and share their gifts with others.

I am a Master Board Certified Coach, and I help emerging coaches and entrepreneurs grow successful businesses, reach their personal and professional goals, and improve health and balance in their life.  

Are you ready to build a successful business?


We exist to help emerging coaches create freedom and grow their dream business while living their best life.


We are driven by our core values that guide us daily in helping our clients achieve their vision of a successful life and business. 

Above all, we believe in keeping it real. That means showing up as and expressing our true selves, while acting with congruence with our values.






We are honest, follow through with our commitments, and have the client’s best interest at heart.

World Class Customer Service
We are committed to exceeding expectations by listening with an open mind and heart, being transparent and communicative, serving with inclusion and respect, and conducting business in an approachable, responsive, and helpful manner.

Growth Oriented
A learning and growth mindset drives our business through providing progressive solutions and pivoting with external dynamics.

Together, we partner with you to overcome challenges and provide solutions that move you forward.

Social Responsibility
We serve to impact and benefit individuals, groups, and society as a whole; We value diversity, inclusion, and accountability to one another.

Being part of the Successful Coaches Mastermind with Coach Cheryl has opened my mind to some opportunities I have been hesitant to pursue. As we have discussed various topics such as podcasting, radio, video, guest posting or product launching, Coach Cheryl has laid out some basic, doable training and issued challenges to take the next steps to put myself out there.
Her courage to take her own next bold steps in her coaching and business has been a tremendous influence in my own journey. I am finding myself becoming open and brave to allow my voice, my coaching and my business to step outside of my comfort zone and explore more possibilities. For that I – and my business are grateful.
I recommend Coach Cheryl to you- the new coach, the coach wanting to expand their outreach, the person wanting to move forward in their business. Coach Cheryl has been where you are! She has and is conquering her own ‘limits’ to position her voice and her skills where they are able to help so many.
Thanks Coach C for inspiring me to dare to be me, to expand my reach and to use my voice boldly to influence the lives of women to embrace hope in their wonderful story.

Kathy Burrus

PCC Master Coach, Speaker, Writer, Green Hope Coaching,

I chose to work with Coach Cheryl because she seemed to have walked the same path I was trudging through and could relate to my challenges.
She helped me by listening to my ramblings and assuring me that the steps I wanted to take were the right ones, which ones needed adjusting, and additional steps to consider.

The result was that I felt a lot more confident in making decisions and moving forward quicker than I had in the past.

One thing I really liked was her determination to hold me accountable before we hung up by asking me what I’d be doing next, putting a date on to do items.

I found the experience to be a time saver, a life saver, and totally worth every penny
I would recommend Coach Cheryl to people who need an accountability partner, a comrade-in-arms or just a knowledgeable shoulder to lean on.

Kim Gray

Certified Professional Coach, Certified Marketing Coach Coach VA for Business and Executive Coaches, Mentor Coach for Virtual Assistants,

Cheryl met me where I am, with my specific coaching experience and background. Cheryl helped me to think through strategic marketing plans and create new awareness’s around how to market to my specific niche.
Cheryl is both personable and kind, yet direct and straightforward, a combination that can be difficult to find. And she is very patient and knowledge. I liked being able to openly ask questions and get immediate feedback, which I know I wouldn’t have been able to do in a group mentoring setting. For anyone considering obtaining the ICF-credential, I highly recommend pursuing 1:1 mentoring with Coach Cheryl!

Evelyn Bourassa

ACC, Christian Writer, Bilingual Grief and Relationship Coach,

Cheryl is fantastic to work with. Her calm disposition can really help you focus on what needs to happen to reach your goals and she’s truly a caring and honest person. I would recommend Cheryl to anyone struggling to build their business and feel confident in the transition from employee to entrepreneur.

Melissa Mohr

Certified Professional Coach, Mohr Coaching & Development

Click Here to Get Your Copy of a Comprehensive Checklist of the 6 Core Areas that Every Coaching Business Needs to Get Set Up for Success!