World Coach Institute

WCI is a leading edge coaching school that was the first ever to offer niche course options, a business development program and a proven methodology that works every time! Offering Foundational ICF & BCC Approved Coach Training Teleclasses and Foundational Self-Study Coach Training, Niche Add-on Coach Training Courses and Master Coach Training Teleclasses which focus on Group Coaching, Laser Coaching and Deep Coaching Skills. WCI was the first coaching school ever to offer a Business Builder Program & Coach Career Builder Program. Visit WCI to see how the Teleclass Training Hours can apply towards an industry ICF or BCC credential.

Recovery Nation

Recovery Nation is a Health Based Recovery (HBR) site for addicts and their spouses/families. We believe anyone can recover from addiction if they have the motivation to. We provide free workshops based on HBR for both the addicts and their partners as well as couples workshops for those that want to rebuild their relationship. In addition we offer low fee based Professional Coaching for those that want to have guidance through their journey.

Coaching for Healthy Living

Launching in September 2016!

My Mentor Coach

Coming Winter 2016!